Three things you could learn through Blockchain Academy Mexico

If you want to brush up on your blockchain skills or even become a developer in the space, Blockchain Academy Mexico has courses for all levels

Demand for blockchain developers and related roles is rising. We may still be in the early stages as far as blockchain adoption is concerned, but students of today and tomorrow will need to learn more about this rapidly emerging technology.

Education centres are appearing around the globe with courses tailored to different needs, such as the Instituto Tecnológico in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Blockchain Academy Mexico.

Demand for blockchain developers is rising

By the end of 2019, global spend on blockchain solutions is projected to reach almost $2.9 billion. And that number pales in comparison to projections for 2022, at $11.7 billion. More spend on blockchain solutions means more jobs in the area.

It’s clear that interest in developing blockchain solutions is rising globally, with China taking the lead. According to a study by Hired, demand for blockchain engineers grew by over 500% in 2019 from the previous year.

There is currently a shortage of talented blockchain developers. So, if you’re interested in programming, learning to work with blockchain could be very lucrative for you and may open far more doors.

There are several different courses available at Blockchain Academy Mexico depending on the type of work you want to do. Not all blockchain-related jobs have to be in the development sector.

For example, if you want to work in marketing as an account executive, or simply in an admin-related role for a blockchain company, you could try a fundamentals course such as Blockchain 101. If you want to specialise in the space, you can learn to programme the Ethereum or Hyperledger blockchains.

Blockchain Academy Mexico offers three levels of courses

Blockchain Academy Mexico is the first Mexican academy aiming to develop the blockchain ecosystem in the country through face-to-face courses and events. Unlike many other learning institutions, you’ll need to take in-person classes (with the exception of Blockchain 101, which is online).

Blockchain Academy Mexico offers three levels of courses: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Let’s take a look at the types of courses you can find within each category.

Blockchain for beginners

If you’re just finding out about blockchain, the academy offers the Blockchain 101 course, which is designed as an introduction to the basics of the blockchain ecosystem. This course requires no previous knowledge of blockchain technology and is aimed at anyone interested in working in the space. Once completed, students should understand technical terms about blockchain, its origins, and the problems it solves.

Blockchain Academy Mexico also offers a more in-depth course for professionals called Blockchain for Business. The objective of the course is for participants to understand the elements that make up the blockchain and its operation and reflect on its possible uses and applications in the business world. The course is aimed at CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs, but also at students and entrepreneurs who want to understand more about the technology.

Intermediate-level blockchain courses

Among the academy’s intermediate courses is an interesting one aimed specifically at professionals in the legal field. The Blockchain for Lawyers course offers a comprehensive analysis of the intersection of law and blockchain technology. The main purpose of the course is to transmit an understanding of how blockchain works as well as the scope of current regulation in order to provide legal advice that encourages the growth of the technology.

This programme is specially designed for law students, lawyers of any speciality, and business development consultants who are interested in studying and understanding the operation of blockchain technology, as well as the possible legal implications of its use and regulation in Mexico and internationally.

Also among Blockchain Academy Mexico’s intermediate-level courses are Intermediate Hyperledger and Intermediate Ethereum. Both of these courses require previous programming experience. In the case of Ethereum, knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and smart contracts are essential. For Intermediate Hyperledger, participants must have studied the Blockchain 101 course as well as the Basic Hyperledger course.

Advanced courses

Blockchain Academy Mexico currently only offers one advanced course, and it’s for developers who are interested in learning about RSK and coming up with solutions based on the RSK sidechain. Developers must have the availability to complete face-to-face training and conduct research autonomously.

The takeaway

With partners including BBVA, Maker, and RSK, Blockchain Academy Mexico is offering serious courses for developers and business professionals alike to progress within the industry. It should be noted that all courses are taught in Spanish and, with the exception of Blockchain 101, in-person classes are a requisite.

So, if your Spanish is up to speed and you fancy an excuse to spend some time in Mexico learning more about this fascinating technology, this is a good place to start.

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