hits back over Blockchain ‘copycat’ claims

Blockchain’s claims don’t sit well with crypto-community values, argues

Earlier this week, Coin Rivet reported that cryptocurrency wallet company Blockchain had filed a complaint in a US federal court against rival venture

We approached the latter for comment but received no response. However, once our story went live, leapt in to action and asked to put its side of the story.

“Paymium, which has been successfully operating a BTC/EUR exchange since 2013 and serving 170,000 customers, is currently closing its private ICO to accelerate the roll-out of The public sale for this complementary cryptocurrency exchange service will start on 27th September. The domain name was registered by Paymium way back in April 2012 and the project launch was publicly advertised in the press months ago,” it said in a statement.

It’s just not crypto cricket

It added: “Three days before the beginning of the sale, and a few weeks away from the official release of our platform, it thus comes as no surprise that we are challenged by potential competitors. We condemn this approach, which surely doesn’t comply with crypto-community values. Moreover, disputes the accusation of making false and misleading statements. What is at stake is, at first, the protection of our name, our reputation, and our loyal investors and customers.”

“For these reasons, our lawyers will answer point by point the claims that have been made. As for our ICO, we already provided early investors with the alpha version of our platform that is ready to be launched right after the public sale in November. The name is the legal property of Paymium and the public sale will start as planned on 27th September,” it concluded.

We’ve contacted Blockchain for comment. And so the dance continues…

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