Blockchain positivity shines through amid global chaos

Coin Rivet columnist, Irina Litchfield, reveals the positive aspects of working from home in the blockchain industry during coronavirus chaos

It is easy to get sucked into negativity and fear, especially in the shadow of what feels like a global apocalypse.

I want to encourage you to be strong and challenge yourself to look on the bright side.

First, let’s talk about Bitcoin: it was built to give us hope in times of complete global economic meltdown. So, trust in code. And for god’s sake, stop obsessing and looking at the price all the time. Only hold that which you can afford. Find comfort in trust. Again, trust the code!

If you do need to sell some, don’t stress. Do what you need to… Satoshi would understand.

Be smart – utilise leverage. For example, look at using your Bitcoin as collateral for loan instead of liquidating.

Technology: It is now when the cracks in outdated systems are highlighted and are tearing at the seams. I encourage you to see them and instead of complaining and criticising, get excited and build. Think, “How can I/we make it better?” Bigger cracks mean larger opportunities. Think positive, be brave and act productively.

Now, let’s talk about You: Your wellbeing. This is a great chance for you to assist your body. Since most of you now prepare your food. You have control over what you put on your plate. That’s pretty awesome. Concentrate on that. Eat clean, drink plenty of water. Use your fear to fuel you to wellbeing. Fear is fine, as long as you are aware of it and control it to benefit you.

New, Virtual Life: While many people already do work from home. For most, it is a novel concept. Enjoy it and accept responsibility for putting even more effort into getting things done. Work is a great distraction from panic. Let us be strong together and not get paralysed by a lack of ability to travel and have meetings in person.

While the value of personal contact is crucial in any business. Is it possible that it is a handicap in some ways? How much money do we spend on wining and dining in businesses? How much does travel cost? Just think about all the travel you do for your business. Especially if you are in the blockchain industry.

A lot…

I understand that we learn so much about one another when we meet in person. It took a couple of days for me to adapt to the fact that my global roadshow is paused for the next few months. This includes traveling to Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Japan, New York, Chicago, London, and Malta. All this travel was supposed to be happening throughout June. To be truthful, I experienced several moments of weakness when I felt that we are doomed. That the whole world came to holt.

Then I realised…

Now we have an opportunity to utilise technology and virtual connectedness to get things done in a different way. Build more robust systems.

My call to action:

Be effective in your calls and virtual meetings. If you are a fund, challenge yourself to deploy. If you are a business, challenge yourself to create partnerships, close deals.

It’s time…

It’s time we upgrade ourselves.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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