Blockchain to reinvent pensions sector, Akropolis

Startup, Akropolis, founded by ex-Lehman Brothers fund manager Anastasia Andrianova, is building a new smart contract-based pensions infrastructure that aims to “fix the worldwide pensions crisis”.

“We’re entering a new age in which blockchain technology will disrupt existing power structures and empower individuals,” says Andriaova, who also sits on the advisory board for the Web3 Foundation, serves as a board advisor and Investment Committee member of the EU industrial IoT incubator (OpenMaker Project) and is a member of the Blockchain Ecosystem Network.

“The pensions industry is next. I believe transparent smart-contract-based pension fund infrastructures will dramatically change the way the world thinks about saving and investing. We’re working with industry experts to build a platform that supports the pension ecosystem whilst facilitating the transition to a more robust retirement savings model. Together, our pensions community can tackle the pensions crisis and ensure a secure future for many.”

A digital wallet includes individuals’ historical pensions contributions, private savings and pension data — as well as records of corporate contributors’ formula-based contributions. The core Acropolis platform is initially being developed for a single jurisdiction in the private pensions and savings market space. But the company says that it is developing country-specific add-ons. The ecosystem will operate through a native token to create a system of incentives.

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