Blocklords partners with Tron Arcade

To celebrate the new partnership, blockchain strategy game Blocklords will release 10 sets of legendary Tron-inspired items

The development team behind Blocklords – a blockchain-based strategy game – has announced a new partnership with Tron Arcade.

According to the Blocklords Medium blog page, to celebrate the new partnership, the team will also release 10 sets of limited edition Tron-inspired items for use in the game.

It has been more than three months since the medieval-inspired Blocklords first appeared on the Tron mainnnet.

Since then, hundreds of heroes have been created, thousands of battles have been fought, and “countless” items and TRX tokens have been dropped to the toughest players.

“Now, we are pleased to announce that Blocklords is ready to take the next step to the top of blockchain gaming by partnering up with Tron Arcade, the renowned game publishing branch of the Tron network,” the announcement reads.

“This partnership will cement cooperation in the fields of promotion, technical development, game improvements, and special events, creating a better game for our players and laying the foundation for the future of gaming on the Tron smart contract platform.”

To commemorate the partnership, the Blocklords team has put together a series of special events for the coming month. There will also be a special leaderboard event with more than 10,000 TRX in prizes for the top players.

The Blocklords team will immortalise the partnership by designing a legendary set of items inspired by Tron.

10 copies of these legendary items will be added to the game. A special day will be announced soon when the legendary Tron-inspired items will be available to battle for.

Justin Sun, Tron Foundation CEO, has said of the new partnership: “I consider Blocklords to be a shining example of the passion and creativity we intended to make possible. The Blocklords team stood out every step of the way, and I’m excited to see how the game and community continues to grow!”

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