Bloomberg Crypto Summit: Crisis? What crisis?

The future of cryptocurrencies will entail greater regulation

That was a key takeaway from the Bloomberg Crypto Summit, which took place in London on Friday. 

It’s important to put the wheels in motion for crypto regulations, argued Marieke Flament, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Circle Internet Financial.

“It’s good to see some larger countries step through and show the route, but I would not discredit the work that others are doing, because if you have no one starting then everyone is waiting,” he commented.

Bump in the road

The past few weeks have been brutal but we’re not witnessing an existential crisis. “I just regard it as a bump in the road and institutional investors have had plenty of bumps in the road in conventional currencies and transaction systems,” James Bevan, Chief Investment Officer at CCLA Investment Management, said on a panel.

Further details on the event here.

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