Bluzelle launches world’s first decentralised Data Delivery Network

Tech firm Bluzelle has announced the launch of the world's first decentralised Data Delivery Network to help meet the increasing demand for better data delivery

Tech firm Bluzelle has launched the world’s first decentralised Data Delivery Network (DDN) to help meet the ever-increasing demand for better data delivery across the globe, according to a press release shared with Coin Rivet.

Bluzelle has built its DDN to help ensure businesses do not suffer from data breaches, network failures, and performance issues. It combines decentralised technologies with edge computing to help bring about a faster and more secure internet.

The company is now taking on global market leaders to meet the increasing demand for more speed and efficiency by delivering data more than 20 times faster.

Bluzelle, a self-proclaimed “leading proponent of edge computing”, is using its global network of distributed nodes to push data closer to where the customer actually is.

The DDN operates similar to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), but rather than caching content, Bluzelle extends the data edge for applications from a single location to use a combination of globally distributed networks, thereby increasing the speed of data retrieval dramatically.

Pavel Baines, co-founder and CEO of Bluzelle, stated: “Currently applications are limited to data caching technologies that require complex configuration and management of 10+ year-old technology constrained to a few data centres. These were not designed to handle the ever-increasing volumes of data that new technologies like AI, VR, and 4K produce.

“Video games, media, and IoT are all collecting masses of critical data at the edge, but delivery is hampered by existing technology. This coupled with an increasing desire for near-instant access to data anywhere in the world means the future of data can only ever be decentrally distributed.”

The problems with current CDNs have also been noted by others, with projects such as and Theta aiming to drastically change the status quo and deliver better results.

Interested in reading more about projects seeking to replace the current Content Delivery Networks? Discover more about and Theta and their vision for tokenised bandwidth sharing with our introduction to the topic.


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