Bondly’s ‘Mint-on-Demand’ platform urges NFT mass adoption says COO

With Mint-on-Demand, there are no upfront costs, no need for a crypto wallet and no unnecessary minting or gas fees

NFT platform Bondly has released its new ‘Mint-on-Demand’ product to help NFT creators and communities on the Spring commerce platform.

The move is, according to Bondly, the latest in its move to help carry the creator economy into Web 3.0.

Rob Tran, Bondly’s COO told Coin Rivet the Mint-on-Demand platform was a step forward in driving mass adoption of NFTs for creators, influencers and micro-influencers specifically for their audience in a format that’s simple.

“The platform doesn’t require a wallet and costs nothing in gas fees for the user, it’s designed for accessibility,” he explained.

“The user experience designed by Spring and Bondly looks and feels like any other ecommerce transaction, and that makes it hugely powerful and will speed adoption.”

Tran also added the decision to mint on Polygon was simple.

“As well as being a core partner of Bondly using Polygon ensures the impact to the environment is as minimal as possible and that the network is both EVM compatible and scalable,” he said.

“Going forwards there may well be an opportunity to expand into other networks.”

Bondly also said that, with Mint-on-Demand, the process of creating an NFT has been simplified as there were no upfront costs, no requirement for a crypto wallet and no unnecessary minting or gas fees.

CEO of Spring, Chris Lamontagne, explained he sees Bondly as an important partner in the next phase of digital evolution.

“This partnership goes beyond the powerful and complementary nature of their services, but is built on a foundation of shared values regarding environmental impact and sustainability,” he commented.

“With Mint-on-Demand we are only ever minting NFTs which have already been purchased which reduces waste. This is the social commerce revolution.”

Harry Liu, CEO of Bondly added the partnership marks “another huge milestone in our mission to build the fundamental NFT infrastructure to power Web3 adoption”.

The objective of the new program is to provide a vehicle for creators of all sizes to build and strengthen their growing communities through the direct interaction potential of the new digital collectible space, such as Moriah Elizabeth, The Dungeon Coach and Caroline Manning.

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