Boss Beauties unveiled as first United Nations NFT exhibition

Boss Beauties Role Model collection - a female-led global initiative - will be exhibited by the United Nations (UN)

A collection of Boss Beauties are set to make history as the first ever NFTs displayed in the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The empowering project is the creation of a female-led initiative of global artists that strive to develop opportunities for women and girls.

Cathy Hackl, the so-called ‘Godmother of the Metaverse’, collaborated in the production of the collection which has been titled Boss Beauty Role Models and seeks to spotlight innovative women smashing the glass ceiling around the world.

The event is the product of numerous parties, including the United Nations Office of Partnerships and the 5th Element global impact consultant.

Boss Beauty unveiling is a ‘historical moment’

Lisa Mayer, founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, explained the exhibition was the result of a synthesis of missions between the UN and the initiative.

“The unveiling of Boss Beauty Role Models at the United Nations is an historical moment that we are incredibly proud of,” said Mayer.

Boss Beauties NFTs

“Having a collection with such a strong and inspiring message be the first NFT art collection to display at the United Nations is truly monumental.

“Most importantly, it resembles our larger mission to empower women and girls at the forefront of technology, leadership and creativity.”

As part of the exhibition, the artists are establishing a global network of ‘Role Models’ that will work with the initiative to educate and empower women in their local communities.

At the same time, the limited edition Historic Boss Beauty Role Models will be sold via charity auction on March 7.

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