Brazil legend Cafu joins VeganNation advisory board

Brazilian footballing legend Cafu has joined blockchain-based VeganNation in an effort to save the Amazon rainforest

Two-time World Cup winner Cafu has joined the advisory board of VeganNation, a company attempting to strengthen efforts in sustaining the Amazon rainforest.

The 49-year-old Brazilian, who retired from football in 2008 following an illustrious career, will help spread awareness about sustainable activities by launching education programmes on plastic utilisation, recycling, and food choices.

According to a press release shared with Coin Rivet, VeganNation has secured a 10-year lease to preserve 15,000 acres of the Amazon rainforest. The land will be open to preservation groups and will be closed to anyone that wants to cut down trees, exploit the land, or kill animals.

“Education is the first step towards change, and I fully support VeganNation on this matter,” said Cafu.

“What’s happening in the Amazon is a huge concern, not only for us Brazilians, but to anyone who cares about the earth. We should all care about our planet, and that’s why education is such an important step. Once we all agree on the importance of caring about how we treat our planet, we’ll start seeing real change.”

VeganNation has bold aims to create the world’s first fully vegan economy, which will be launched alongside a native cryptocurrency and a social marketplace.

The platform will utilise blockchain technology from a supply chain standpoint as it will track food from producer to distributor to consumer.

VeganNation users will be able to hold and transact the cryptocurrency token with the company’s app.

“Brazil’s passion for football is well known around the world, and we believe that channeling that same energy on environmental efforts could make a huge impact,” says Isaac Thomas, CEO and co-founder of VeganNation.

“We’re really looking forward to working together with such an important figure in Brazilian football history such as Cafu, and having the support of the four biggest football teams in Brazil is an amazing opportunity for us to spread the word on sustainability and vegan lifestyle.”

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