BREAKING NEWS: Could the SEC decide who wins and loses the Bitcoin Cash war?

In a tweet sent out tonight by Calvin Ayre, he claims that an investigation is already underway by the SEC into the ABC chain

According to a leaked document, Calvin Ayre has claimed that the SEC may now be getting involved in the Bitcoin Cash war.

It is also alleged that Kraken is also involved in the, as yet, unconfirmed inquiry. Kraken had an active fork market trading shortly after the fork was confirmed.

Ayre tweeted: “Current prediction is that ABC chain will collapse and BCH will remain Satoshi Vision as the most likely outcome of the hash war. Criminal and SEC investigations are under way in the US based on docs leaked to us. Kraken named also.

He also vowed to release the private documents next week and claimed that Amaury Sechet, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu and Jess Powell (CEO Kraken) would all be named.

“Their life is going to get more exciting. Market manipulation and more”

The claim is all the more remarkable considering the recent heat felt by crypto ICOs under review with the SEC. Many observers will wonder if the same pressure will be felt by large-cap cryptocurrencies, or even claim things like Bitcoin already fall under the supervision of the CFTC in the same way it oversees the CBOE/CME  BTC futures markets.

Proof of Watch

In a recent interview with StopAndDecrypt, Craig Wright is asked the question, do you think its a lot of money to Roger and Jihan?

He then left the room, returning with an array of watches. He continued to read out a list of his most recent purchases, they included a Hublot Big Bang (day old), 42 Patek (two weeks old) and a gold Rolex (one day old).

When questioned on what he thinks will happen to ABC, he retorted: “They will eventually run out of money, then we will do something, then they will do something.”

The latest scores at stand at ABC with a seven block lead, while the current hash rate looks neck and neck with four EH a piece as millions of dollars continue to be spent by both sides during the battle for the Bitcoin Cash brand.

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