Building your cryptocurrency portfolio? Here’s five must read guides!

Access five definitive guides that will help improve your market position before building your cryptocurrency portfolio


Whether you’re new to the space or you’ve been building your cryptocurrency portfolio for a while, it’s always crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest insights and market movements. The cryptocurrency market is one rife with volatility, risk, and vulnerabilities. Most of all, it’s a market that’s always changing.

Having a full understanding of the market and different currencies will help you to stay ahead of bull runs, keep warm in bear markets, and to know whether it’s time to HODL or not. Below, we’ve outlined some definitive guides that make for essential reading for anyone who wants to build up their portfolio. They’re also suitable for readers who are on the lookout for deeper insights.


1. A definitive guide to cryptocurrency

If you’re brand new to investing in cryptocurrency, then this guide is the best place to start. It provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, including what cryptocurrency is, the issues it addresses, and its importance in the world of finance.

It looks at the intentions and importance of decentralisation, why it’s a popular concept, and how it can give individuals greater authority and control of their own money. Afterall, when investing in cryptocurrency it’s important to know the philosophy behind the industry.

This guide also covers the practicalities of investing and creating a cryptocurrency portfolio. Discover how to mine, earn, store and trade different types of cryptocurrency. We’ll also provide you with a brief overview of wallets, exchanges, and how to use them.


2. A definitive guide to stablecoins

As the cryptocurrency industry has continued to progress, so have the types of coins available. Stablecoins counteract the volatility so often seen across the market. Often pegged to a fiat currency, this currency offers more control and confidence to crypto users.

This guide takes a look at the top five stablecoins, what they are, and what they’re looking to achieve. We outline the shortcomings that these coins attempt to resolve, including usability and stability. Stablecoins can also be backed by reserve assets. For those interested in investing in cryptocurrency, gold-backed and oil-backed currencies may offer a greater alternative.

To find out about stablecoins, as well as how to sell, buy and trade them, be sure to download this guide.


3. A definitive guide to privacy coins

The main intention of Bitcoin was to give control back to individuals. Self-sovereignty was key. But even more significantly was the promise of privacy. However, it’s since been proven that Bitcoin transactions can easily be traced.

The fight for privacy matters and it’s a fight that’s heating up throughout the industry. To overcome the shortcomings of cryptocurrency so far, privacy coins are starting to take the reign.

This guide looks at what privacy coins are, why they exist, and what their underlying privacy technologies are. From Mimblewimble through to BEAM and Grin, we’ve got everything about privacy coins covered.

4. A definitive guide to cryptocurrency trading

Investing in cryptocurrency and improving your cryptocurrency portfolio means you need to know all about trading. You need to know how to trade, where to trade, and what pitfalls to look out for. In this guide, we cover everything from wallets through to exchanges and some of the best trading strategies to use.

If you want to learn about the benefits of peer-to-peer and other types of cryptocurrency trading, then this guide is for you. We take a look at why cryptocurrency traders value different methods so much and how certain types of trades offer more benefits than centralised banking.

There are many risks involved with cryptocurrency trading, all of which come to light in this guide. However, we give you some practical tips, identify areas to avoid, and focus specifically on the dangers of using trading bots. Before you start investing and building up your cryptocurrency portfolio, this guide is definitely worth a read.


5. A definitive guide to crypto security

It’s all very well talking about the volatility of cryptocurrency, but it’s not just the value it impacts. Anyone interested in investing in cryptocurrency must think carefully about their approach to identity management, fund protection, and cyber security.

Why? Because cryptocurrency often goes hand-in-hand with crime. It’s a space known for vulnerabilities, thefts, 51% attacks, and money laundering. With no regulations in place, crypto users actually have very little protection or rights. If funds or private keys are stolen, they are often irretrievable.

That’s why we outline how you can protect your cryptocurrency and some warning signs to look out for. We help you to identify common Bitcoin email scams, ways to improve your identity managements and how to tighten overall security. Download this guide to find out how you can keep yourself protected. 


Investing in cryptocurrency can open up great opportunities – as long as you remember to tread with care. Do your research and keep up-to-date with the latest news. The market is always changing, as are the methods and platforms for trading.  If you want to know more, we have a whole series of definitive guides that will answer some of your questions.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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