Buy your next Ferrari, Honda Accord or motorcycle with Bitcoin

The Italy-based Buy Sell Car With Bitcoin website was launched in 2017 with only four cars on its list. The site manager Filippo Martin told Coin Rivet over 26,000 users have visited his portal and today it lists 86 vehicles

If you have Bitcoin to spend and are looking for a new motor or even a scooter, you can visit the Buy Sell Car With Bitcoin website. This was the first of its kind when it launched in December 2017. Back then, it posted only four vehicles and today boasts over 80 autos and bikes. The website allows auto dealers or individuals to upload their car sales ads and post the price in Bitcoin and dollars.

The manager of the website, Filippo Martin, told Coin Rivet that since the website went live it’s had over 28,000 visits. “Currently, there are 86 cars listed, but I can’t say how many cars have been sold because it’s only a listing website. I don’t get involved in sales.”

The website is for dealers and individuals

“Through dedicated sections, this portal allows dealers or individuals to upload their car sales announcement and consequently also the specific search for models to be purchased. All this to indicate to the users where to buy and sell cars in Bitcoin,” the venture told an Italian news outlet recently.

“As we said before this portal was created specifically to allow the web audience to buy and sell cars through Bitcoin payments. A new method of payment increasingly widespread thanks to the growing number of people who possess cryptocurrencies,” it adds.

Crypto is spreading fast

It notes that cryptocurrency is spreading fast. “More and more projects are being projected towards the digital market. Not just private, therefore, but also large companies and car dealerships.”

“ was created specifically to help this type of market,” it explains and claims that there’s a growing demand for this sort of thing. It also allows users to set up a Bitcoin wallet and trade the cryptocurrency through Coinbase.

How about a Ferrari?

You’ll find deals such as a 2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica with a V-12 engine, six-speed electro-hydraulic F-I transmission, independent front and rear suspension with coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers with adaptive damping and anti=-roll bars and front and rear carbon ceramic disc brakes, among other characteristics. This car costs a cool $398,000 (£307,000) or BTC 56.71898

“This is one of the most collectable Ferrari’s of the modern era. You will not find a better SuperAmerica with greater Pedigree,” says the seller, identified only as FerrariGuru.

Something less expensive

If that’s out of your price range, you can purchase a 2003 Honda CR-V with 45,000 miles on the clock for $1,200 (£926) or BTC 0.171.

How about a motorcycle? If you’re more of an adventurous wind-in-the-face type of person, then you can get a very rare 2016 Yamaha R6 with only 416 miles on it for $2,500 (£1,930) or BTC 0.35625. “The best you can find!” says the seller, Brian Harris. “This bike has all you can dream about!, including full exhaust with Power Commander!!!”

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