Buyer purchases Art Blocks Curated NFTs for combined $7.5m

The anonymous buyer continues to bolster their impressive Art Blocks Curated collection following a spate of high-profile purchases

A buyer has purchased a trio of highly sought-after “Ringers” NFTs for a total of $4.7m (1600 ETH) as interest in the Art Blocks Curated collection heats up ahead of the landmark Christie’s auction.

The buyer then continued their spending spree in the early hours of this morning and made a further purchase – Fidenza #77 for an incredible $2.75m (950 ETH).

The same buyer also purchased a pair of extremely rare ‘Chromie Squiggles’ from the Art Blocks Curated collection last week for a collective $4m.

A series of high-profile purchases from the Art Blocks Curated collection have been made by the buyer – with many speculating that the wallet belongs to a high-profile VC fund, exchange or anonymous buyer looking to accumulate as many pieces as possible before tomorrow’s Christie’s auction.

The estimated worth of the wallet is now approximately $32m and features an array of expensive, highly sought-after pieces. The anonymous collection now includes an impressive 18 Ringers, 15 squiggles and four Fidenzas – with the remainder of the collection features other prominent pieces from Art Blocks including Subscapes and Archetype.

The purchases have also caught the attention of the wider NFT community – NFT enthusiasts commented on the purchases, saying they’re ‘probably nothing‘ and that there’s ‘nothing to see here’.

Auction off to rocky start

The Christies auction for ‘Art Blocks Curated sets 1-3’ is due to start tomorrow and will be the first leading auction house to conduct bidding live using Ethereum (ETH).

However, many in the NFT community have commented on the lacklustre display provided by Christie’s for the collection.

Twitter user María Paula commented on a picture saying that the display is “The saddest thing you’ll see today”, with many agreeing that more effort could have been placed into creating a more visually pleasing display for the high-profile collection.

UpOnly TV podcast host CryptoCobain also weighed in on the debate, saying he has seen “better curated displays on Kingsland Road” and that Christie’s should use custom-sized monitors to display the artwork correctly.

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