Captain Kirk beams up to Twitter and defends Vitalik Buterin

Canadian actor William Shatner has set his phasers to stun as he fights the corner of the under attack Ethereum co-founder

Star Trek actor William Shatner has defended Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin on Twitter.

He told one person to go develop his own blockchain after Buterin was labelled “dangerous” and a “literal scammer”.

After Shatner tweeted a “thumbs up” to Buterin, a coder who goes by the username “premine apologist” replied, “he’s (Buterin) a literal scammer”. They also claimed that it’s impossible to develop a decentralised technology on Ethereum.

“Go develop your own blockchain technology where you can be 1000% sure of decentralisation. Or shove money in a mattress. I hear that’s only overseen by the bed bug community,” Shatner shot back.

premine apologist said: “As a coder it’s irresponsible to tell people the project doesn’t absolutely rely on trust in one person when in fact it was built as such. People’s lives might depend on crypto and when they are deceived about security expectations they are put in harm’s way.”

Shatner countered: “Viewpoints don’t take into account the fact that the code has to be audited by an auditing firm and approved by consortium or it doesn’t get accepted. He thinks it exists in a bubble. That’s why we have ERC-20, ERC-721… ERC-1701″.

Another user weighed in with, “OMG William Shatner is listing ERC standards in order to school a crypto troll.”

Shatner became involved in the crypto space last year by endorsing token sales. And in June 2018, he announced he was joining Solar Alliance, an alternate energy developer planning to build a solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility in the United States.

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