Cardano 1.4 update unveiled

Cardano have released their “most significant update yet”, which resulted in a spike in the price of the ADA coin

Cardano’s ADA coin has jumped 9.4% in price over the last 24 hours after the company unveiled its latest update, which they claim is the “most significant update yet”.

A statement read: “This release brings significant robustness improvements and resolves some network connection issues which were affecting a lot of users.

“There have also been exceptional improvements in the amount of hard drive space required to store the blockchain: optimised block storage has reduced the number of files required from 1.3 million to just 44,000 for one year of blockchain history, with all the performance improvements that entails.”

The Daedalus wallet now supports Linux and was tested against operating systems Ubuntu 18 and Fedora 28, but it should work with all other major distributions, the statement adds.

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and founder of IOHK and Cardano, tweeted: “1.4 is out today. Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to the amazing team that worked tirelessly to get this update out before Christmas.

“Cardano’s best days are ahead of it.”

Cardano says the updated wallet has better performance, reliability, and dramatically improved input selection for transaction creation.

All wallets will need to be restored and synchronised with the history of the Cardano blockchain. This is an automatic process and does not require any action from users.

The update will be delivered to current Cardano users automatically through the Daedalus update system.

Cardano currently has the 11th largest market cap of $872,251,207.

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