Casa releases new Sats App with Bitcoin rewards program

The new app includes a range of rewards features focused on increasing adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network

Bitcoin-focused start-up Casa has rolled out a new app and rewards program for iOS and Android mobile devices.

The Sats App is a noncustodial wallet that allows users to manage their Lightning nodes straight from their mobile phone.

The app also includes a new rewards program called SatsBack in an attempt to attract more people to Bitcoin. Users can earn satoshis and learn about cryptocurrencies and how to manage a Bitcoin or Lightning node.

Earn Bitcoin with SatsBack

The firm commented: “SatsBack gives people entirely new ways to earn Bitcoin satoshis by taking simple, everyday actions.” The first SatsBack feature is a 20,000 satoshi reward (around $2.30) for simply connecting a Casa node to the Sats App.

The team said in the launch blog post: “We believe this is a great first incentive, as it will drive more use of Bitcoin Tor nodes on the network.

“We hope it will encourage better usage and adoption of Bitcoin. We’ll be announcing and rolling out more SatsBack features over the coming weeks.”

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