[email protected] hooks up with Fastbitcoins in Wales

"I’m excited to finally start offering this futuristic payment method"

Welsh High Street retailer, [email protected], has installed Lightning Network-powered Fastbitcoins PoS terminals across four of its locations in Wales.

These let merchants print redeemable prepaid Bitcoin vouchers and take Bitcoin payments. Amit Mohan, Director at Maxx Group says: “Fastbitcoins have given us a slick piece of kit. A lot of customers have started talking to us about Bitcoin recently, which is why I began to look at how to use it and get ahead of the curve.”

“There are a lot of Bitcoin technology vendors out there but Fastbitcoins stood out. Their front and back-end technology was slick and not bulky like the ATM machines; the offering was transparent and easy to understand, and their team were friendly and knowledgeable. I’m excited to finally start offering this futuristic payment method.”

“With our Lightning Network Point of Sale terminals, I am confident the business will meet its customers’ demands for a really quick and easy way to buy and spend with Bitcoin,” comments Danny Brewster, Managing Director of Fastbitcoins.

“The opportunity for merchants lies in people who today know little about Bitcoin; once they understand how easy it is to obtain and use, coupled with the added benefits of simply holding Bitcoin itself, businesses who offer convenient transaction methods stand to benefit”.

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