Press Release

CasperLabs announces introduction of UCSD mathematician Daniel Kane

Kane will work as an advisor to develop the blockchain’s security and cryptography

9th May 2019 – WHO: CasperLabs is developing a fully decentralised, scalable, public blockchain designed for mass public enterprise, developer, and consumer adoption.

The team uses CBC-Casper, a Correct by Construction, Proof of Stake consensus protocol that uses bonds and slashing (penalties) to secure the network. CasperLabs is sponsoring research executed by top blockchain researcher, Vlad Zamfir, who is the Lead Architect of CBC Casper.

WHAT: Kane currently works as an assistant professor of both Mathematics and Computer Science at UCSD. He has earned two Bachelor’s Degrees from MIT in addition to a Ph.D. from Harvard University. He will be advising the CasperLabs team on the blockchain’s cryptography and security.

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