ChainMonsters announces new game mode called ‘Dungeon Adventure’

Popular blockchain game ChainMonsters has announced a new game mode called 'Dungeon Adventure' where the player can embark on a unique quest

The team behind ChainMonsters – a retro role-playing blockchain game reminiscent of the popular Pokémon franchise – recently took to Twitter to announce a new game mode called ‘Dungeon Adventure’.

ChainMonsters begins with the player selecting a starter ‘Mon’ before heading out on an adventure to collect, train, and battle other Mons and players.

It is supported with blockchain technology, which enables each and every Mon to be permanently attached to the player’s Ethereum wallet address – ensuring they own them indefinitely.

The announcement tweet reads: “A brand new game mode is coming to ChainMonsters: DUNGEON ADVENTURE, coming sooner than you might think.”

The new game mode will feature a unique and challenging experience, allowing the player to defeat up to 100 new Mons and trainers. The player can earn rewards by defeating as many of them as possible while also levelling up their Mons.

Following each encounter, the player will be presented with a wide variety of buffs and secrets to choose from – all of which will “heavily” influence the gameplay. At the end of the dungeon lies treasure for the player to get their hands on.

Dungeon Adventure can be unlocked using a Raid pass, and each player will receive one free Raid pass per day.

The announcement reads: “Use this game mode to unlock awesome items and level up your monsters through battles against equally trained encounters! But beware! Twists and secrets will block your way, choose your team wisely and try to make it to the bottom of the dungeon and the top of the new leaderboard!”

Interested in reading more about the ChainMonsters game? Discover more with Coin Rivet’s video review of the retro game.

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