ChainMonsters to launch crypto trading card collectibles

Popular blockchain game ChainMonsters will be releasing crypto-based trading cards as the team aims to move in a fresh direction

The development studio behind ChainMonsters, one of the first-ever blockchain-based games, has announced it will soon be releasing crypto-based collectible trading cards, according to a recent Medium blog post.

The ChainMonsters development team has determined that the game has attracted two audiences: traditional players and crypto collectible enthusiasts.

This has forced the developer to reflect on how to progress with the game to keep both audiences engaged.

The solution the team has come up with is to divide up the game by keeping the regular MMO aspect to retain the traditional audience while also creating the crypto trading card game to keep the crypto audience.

The new ChainMonsters trading card game will boast a new set of smart contracts and a new crypto-only economy.

There will be a unique set of games built around the trading cards which will run independently of the main ChainMonsters game.

Players will be able to purchase packs of five cards with at least one rare card per pack. There will reportedly be no stats and attributes, and instead the one determining factor of a card’s value is its rarity.

There are four rarities: common, rare, epic, and legendary. These are then broken down into three different purities: regular, golden, and HOLO.

Players are able to create golden cards by combining four of the same card into one. This discards the original cards, but provides players with a rarer card which could be kept or sold for profit.

Similarly to the ‘Gen-0’ monsters in the regular game, there will be a hard limit of 10,000 HOLO cards that will ever exist.

ChainMonsters doesn’t want to forget about its original backers either, and as such the developer will be providing them with a way to convert their Gen-0 collectibles into HOLO cards.

To account for the different target audiences, it will be removing blockchain connections from its system to make the onboarding process easier.

Crypto-focused players can then connect their accounts and proceed to use their crypto-based trading cards as regular monsters in the main game.

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