CheapAir has now processed more than $5 million in Bitcoin payments

CheapAir has now processed more than $5 million in Bitcoin payments and plans to add more cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

CheapAir – an American online travel agency – has reportedly processed more than $5 million in Bitcoin payments since 2013.  The news was reported by Forbes. CheapAir was among one of the first travel agencies to begin accepting crypto payments back in 2013.

According to Forbes, CheapAir’s CEO Jeff Klee revealed the company will start to accept additional cryptocurrencies for the purchase of flight tickets. He told Forbes: “CheapAir is about to start taking Ethereum which is new in addition to Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin”.

Klee discussed how the process of issuing airline tickets is changing: “airlines have gone to great lengths to differentiate their product since it’s no longer just about getting the lowest fare”. On this basis, CheapAir is committed to building an infrastructure that provides customers with the best travel advice.

Running an airline business that accepts crypto has not been without issues, though. Klee informed Forbes that during the 2017 bull run there were complications with underpaying and overpaying for flights with crypto. At the time, CheapAir was aligned with Coinbase’s merchant – though this ceased following the complications.

Eventually, CheapAir scored a deal with BTCPay which is an open-source Bitcoin payment processor. Klee has stated that CheapAir has better control over the payment process which enabled “faster, more efficient order processing than before”.

Klee also credits crypto enthusiasts as loyal – telling Forbes that customers who pay with crypto are more loyal than regular customers.

The future for CheapAir remains with providing the best customer service possible with no definite plans to launch an ICO. Though, it is hoping to accept more cryptocurrencies in the future to add its ongoing list.

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