China uses blockchain to track milk

Shanghai-based food giant turns to blockchain to help consumers discover the provenance of its dairy products

Chinese consumer giant Bright Food has turned to blockchain technology to keep track of milk production from dairy farms to supermarket shelves.

Bright Food, China’s second-largest food manufacturer, has begun use of BrightCode in order to track its leading dairy product – Cupids Farm Milk – using the VeChainThor blockchain.

Shanghai-based Bright Food has been exploring the technology since early 2018, launching tests of blockchain tracking last November. After a successful testing period, the tracking process is now fully functioning.

Shop workers – and even customers – can now scan a QR code for products on the BrightCode platform to trace the provenance of the milk. The scan provides information on not only the product’s route to the shelf, but also the source of the milk and the type of farm environment conditions it was produced under.

Bright Food expects to bring a raft of products onto the platform throughout 2019.

With an average annual revenue of some $21 billion, Bright Food is the first food company in China to adopt blockchain tracking – a method which is expected to become widespread throughout the country this year.

This move to adopt technology in the consumables sector is being driven by VeChain, which is considered to be one of China’s leading projects in the supply chain industry. The company is already in the early stages of involvement with other supply areas such as tobacco, alcohol, fashion, and luxury goods.


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