China’s government publishes blockchain guide for officials

In the extensive document, the government calls on 'industry peers' to continue to see blockchain technology as a development tool for business growth

China’s ruling Communist Party has released a new book for its bureaucrats to help them better understand blockchain technology, a local news outlet reported. The book is titled ‘Blockchain – A Guide for Officials’, and it provides details of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT), including its inception as well as present and future applications. It also covers issues such as blockchain in business, as a technology, and the legal aspects.

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“The biggest significance of blockchain technology at present is its operating mechanism,” says one of the authors of the book, Ye Hao, who is president of the People’s Network.

He further explains that “through the ingenious combination of technologies, the fair distribution of resources is completed to ensure the consistent goals of the community and the behavioural norms of the members. This gives us a new perspective and thinking path to look at the problems and find ways to do it”.

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Ye calls on “industry peers to continue to look at the blockchain technology with a development perspective. Looking at the blockchain label from a scientific perspective, look at the blockchain industry with a strategic eye, look at the blockchain business opportunities with a calm eye, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the blockchain industry, and promote blockchain technology to benefit the people’s better life”.

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Co-author of the book, Zhang Huayu, founding chairman of the Danhua Capital, says that “blockchain is the new turning point of the Internet world”.

The book is part of a series that a Chinese official news website called CPCNews says “accurately grasps the central spirit and strategic deployment of the blockchain”.

“It also pays close attention to the global new round of scientific and technological revolution and the frontier of the industrial development and promotes the implementation of the national big data strategy,” the source added.

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