ClearPoll launches blockchain-powered opinion poll platform

It claims the platform will pave the way for "some of the most accurate large-scale polls in history"

Australia-based tech startup ClearPoll has launched a decentralised blockchain-powered opinion poll network.

“ClearPoll allows users to vote on any topic — at any time,” it says in a press release. “Every single vote is secured on our blockchain, meaning nobody can manipulate or hack the poll results.”

It claims that bot and multiple voting on ClearPoll are nearly impossible. The platform, therefore, “paves the way for some of the most accurate large-scale polls in history.”

Renowned personalities already on ClearPoll

The startup says Hollywood stars, athletes, musicians and influencers are already using the platform and believes it is set to become the new standard in recording, sharing and reporting of true public opinion on any topic.

“We wanted to create a platform that allowed everyone to have an equal voice — on any topic,” says ClearPoll Co-Founder Daniel Abela. “To achieve this, we needed to secure it with blockchain technology — where the data simply cannot be manipulated or censored. The future of polling is ClearPoll.”

An opinion poll on Scotland’s independence

One of the firm’s first major opinion polls regards Scotland’s independence, which is scheduled to be held in about 42 days.

Also, the company says no shadowbanning or manipulation of any kind takes place, which is an issue other platforms such as Twitter are currently struggling with. Users can also connect with friends within an app and view eachother’s voting activity.

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