Cleveland Cavaliers launch ‘My Cavs Locker’ NFT experience

The NBA giants said the NFT locker is meant to serve as personal virtual showcase for Cavs seasonal collectibles

Basketball high-flyers the Cleveland Cavaliers have partnered with NFT platform Sweet to launch their first-ever NFT experience.

In order to claim their very own free NFT Locker, Cavaliers fans are enabled to go to and ‘unlock’ it for the first time when the Cavs vs Indiana Pacers game begins at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse on February 6.

The Locker will act as the virtual showcase for displaying and interacting with any and all future Cavs NFT collectibles.

Those who physically attend the game against the Pacers will be rewarded with their very first Cavaliers NFT collectible – a ‘Let ‘Em Know’ branded t-shirt – that can be displayed in their Locker, as well as the option to purchase other digital items released that day.

This will release a series of collectibles that will be made available to fans who attend home games throughout the remainder of the 2021-22 season.

Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet told Coin Rivet that “what’s remarkable about this program is how accessible it is”.

Mizzone explained that this means future collectibles may also include different clothing items that just might also make an appearance in the physical world.

“We love our teams, we love to collect, and when we get to go to a game, we love to get there early to buy some piece of physical merch – a hat, a jersey, whatever it is – and this interactive Cavs Locker experience really opens up a new virtual world of possibilities,” he said.

“Now when you go to see the Cavs play, you can collect digital assets that are not only tied to that at-the-game experience you had, but you can curate your own showcase to show off these moments and digital gear that you own.

“Tying this immersive locker experience with NFTs is going to unlock new opportunities for fan engagement this season and beyond.”

All fans will require is their mobile phone to start collecting digital memorabilia and completing their “immersive” Cavs experience – their own personal virtual Locker, he elaborated.

“We see this as a model for how teams can use this new digital tech to empower their fans to literally showcase how much they love their favourite franchises.”

Mike Conley, Cavaliers SVP and Chief Information Officer added that “this will be an on-going promotion, not just for the remainder of this season but for upcoming seasons, meaning fans can continue to build out, curate, and showcase their ‘My Cavs Locker’ into the future”.

“This offers our supporters a fantastic and fun way to own a digital shrine, showcasing their love for the team,” he said.

“It also is an extension of our commitment to innovate around the fan experience and constantly explore new ways to build deeper connections with those in Cleveland and across the world who fervently support the team.”

For fans who can’t make it to Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse to claim a game-issued collectible, these in-venue-only NFTs may become available on secondary markets, providing an opportunity for fans to acquire the items they weren’t present to collect.

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