CleverPlace to open up a $70-billion market opportunity

The France-based firm has announced an ICO to be launched in approximately 75 days with a total of 210 million tokens.

The world’s first e-commerce profit-sharing and open source marketplace on the blockchain, CleverPlace, has introduced a new way to offer buyers cashback on purchases made via its platform.

“When everyone knows the margin on the products and services they purchase, and the margin can be quite significant depending on the product and sector, we believe it will explode what could be a $70 billion-per-year market opportunity,” says Irwin Favere, CleverPlace Co-founder and Project Manager.

In a press release, CleverPlace explains how the systems works: “When purchasing a new apartment worth €300,000 on CleverPlace, the buyer would receive cashback of €21,000 against CleverTokens (CLVR). 100% of the tokens received by the platform would then be distributed to the community members through a smart contract.”

The venture will test this “transparent and secure marketplace ecosystem” in France’s real estate sector. “The platform will be available in open source to allow any entrepreneur to develop it in other high-margin verticals, including automotive and other industries, globally,” it adds.

Meanwhile, a viable version of the marketplace will be available in August, and an initial token (ICO) pre-sale will take place between 14th August and 10th September, while a wider sale is set to run from 18th September through 15th October with a total of 210 million tokens.

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