CNBC’s Joe Kernen: ‘I’m a Bitcoin bull now’

The CNBC host has slammed the Libra project and says he is being treated "like a god" online after his recent conversion to Bitcoin

CNBC’s Joe Kernen says he is being treated “like a god” online following a June 19 interview on Squawk Box where he questioned whether Facebook’s new Libra coin is a cryptocurrency or not.

In the clip, Kernen said Libra “doesn’t excite me at all” and argued that blockchain networks used by major corporations don’t “add inherent value”.

He said: “This is just based on the dollar. I don’t understand it — is it called a cryptocurrency? Well it’s not.”

Kernen went on to make the stark revelation that “I’m a Bitcoin bull now. Have you seen what’s happening on Twitter?”

‘I’m like a god’

He boasted: “I’m like a god. Millennials are like holding me up… I love them, they’re so smart.”

“If you put in a dollar, and your stupid digital currency is worth a dollar, that’s not a cryptocurrency — all the blockchain transactions actually do create some inherent value.”

He concluded by saying: “Making a digital currency that’s based on a fiat currency makes no sense.”

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