CoinCorner’s Molly Spiers: I was welcomed to crypto by my male peers

CoinCorner's Marketing Manager - Molly Spiers - backs decentralisation as a way to give power back to the people.

Coin Rivet: How long have you been involved in the crypto and blockchain space?

Molly Spiers: I’ve been in the industry since 2015.

CR: What brought you into the industry?

MS: I was looking for a career change. So, not a profession but yes a career change because I was already in marketing and I saw CoinCorner advertising the marketing role, and I applied for it although I didn’t really know much about crypto at the time as it was something very new.

Three years ago, there was a lot less information available than there is now. I did my research before the interview, but there wasn’t much to go on, but I went to the interview anyway. I found it to be very interesting and something I definitely wanted to be involved in and thankfully I got offered the job.

CR: What changes or developments have you seen in crypto and blockchain since you joined the industry over three years ago?

MS: There’s definitely been a lot of changes, a lot of development. One day, you see blockchain go one way, and then the next day, another way. I’ve seen a lot of new players, a lot of new companies with big ideas. Basically, there’s been plenty of innovation.

CR: How do you feel about regulation of the crypto/blockchain space?

MS: We’re from the Isle of Man. We’re actually fully licenced there by the FSA (Financial Services Authority), so we are very pro-regulation. We think it’s a very good thing for the industry. It helps weed out the legit firms from the not so legit ones. We’ve always been very compliant. We do the anti-money laundering checks and all those sorts of requirements. So, we believe it’s an excellent thing.

CR: Centralisation versus decentralisation?

MS: I’m all for decentralisation. There are too many big companies that control the market. Obviously, we are a centralised exchange and deal with a decentralised product.

CR: From your marketing perspective, how do you see the growth of crypto and the acceptance or not of people regarding cryptocurrencies?

MS: Since I joined to date, it has grown really fast. There’s a tremendous acceptance, and I believe this trend will continue, which is excellent. As more are hearing about it, learning and understanding it, it makes it easier for us. It gives us more with which to work.

CR: Do you have statistics?

MS: When I joined CoinCorner, we had 15,000 registered users. Now, we have over 150,000, so we’ve seen a tenfold growth in just three years. In general, there’s definitely a buzz.

CR: Do you see crypto becoming more mainstream and when?

MS: Well, from my marketing perspective, the advertising we see is becoming more mainstream. We’re advertising on the tubes, so you’re targeting mainstream people. That’s very mainstream marketing. So when? Now!

CR: What has been your biggest challenge?

MS: One day you’re doing something, and the next, another. The ban on ads, for example, that has been a significant challenge. We had to react quickly, think fast, spend more. However, the ban is not a bad thing, and it’s a good thing, and it’s great to be challenged.

CR: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

MS: I absolutely intend to remain in the industry. I love being a part of it and seeing it from its very early stages. It has so much more potential.

CR: In what way would you like to see crypto and blockchain change the world?

MS: I believe in decentralisation as a critical path towards giving power back to the people instead of corporations: this would be a great way to change.

CR: A message to women and words to encourage more of them to get involved in the industry?

MS: Absolutely! More women need to get involved. There’s a minority of women in crypto and blockchain at the moment. I thoroughly enjoy being in the space. When I joined CoinCorner, I was the only girl on the team, but that didn’t put me off.

That was never an issue, I was welcomed into the space. The deficit of women in crypto and blockchain shouldn’t discourage other women, and as the industry becomes more mainstream, it is something in which they should definitely get involved.

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