CoinMarketCap and Presearch join forces

CoinMarketCap and Presearch have linked up to provide users with up-to-date crypto information

Data aggregator CoinMarketCap and blockchain search engine Presearch are teaming up to present live market data on demand.

The integration will provide Presearch’s 2.4m users with a wealth of up-to-date information whenever they search for a coin or token. The information will include the price, daily volume, market capitalisation and ranking, circulating supply and total supply.

From today, users will see the CoinMarketCap information for any crypto or coin-related search they perform. The functionality is available both on mobile and the web.

Presearch, which became a default search engine option on Android earlier this year, will benefit from the wealth of users on CoinMarketCap through an advertising campaign on the website.

Presearch is a community-based, decentralised search engine that rewards users with PRE tokens ($0.45) simply for searching with them.

CoinMarketCap is the world’s largest crypto data aggregator, its website receives more than 270m monthly visitors. The site was bought by the crypto exchange Binance in April last year.

After the announcement, Presearch’s native token – PRE – rose in value by 25%.

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