Craig Wright claims Blockstream hacked him to undermine Kleiman case

Craig Wright has published a Joint Discovery Memorandum in which he alleges that blockchain company Blockstream hacked him to undermine his ongoing case with Dave Kleiman's estate

Controversial Bitcoin SV founder Craig Wright has claimed that blockchain company Blockstream attempted to undermine his ongoing case with Dave Kleiman’s estate.

The 49-year-old made the allegations in a Joint Discovery Memorandum filed on Wednesday.

The filing requests access to communications between early Bitcoin developers including Kleiman’s brother, Ira, as well as members of Blockstream, Bitcoin Core, and some BTC mining pools.

The allegations state that the mentioned parties hacked Wright’s electronic devices and created the backdated documents being used as evidence in the case.

“OMFG. #Faketoshi actually demanded all communications between Ira Kleiman and Blockstream so he could check if we were involved in hacking him and making all the Satoshi forgeries. I couldn’t make this up if I tried,” wrote Blockstream CSO Samson Mow on Thursday.

It’s worth noting that Wright alleges the hacking to have taken place during the early days of Bitcoin’s development, although Blockstream wasn’t founded until 2014 – five years after the inception of Bitcoin.

The plaintiff has argued that the request from Wright is irrelevant and that it is a way of gathering intelligence. The plaintiff also states that Wright has presented no evidence of a hack.

Coin Rivet interviewed Craig Wright earlier this year, with the contentious figure making sweeping allegations against Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, calling him a “money launderer”.

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