Crypto legend Bobby Lee handing out Bitcoin buying tips on Twitter

Forecaster and founder of BTC China offers up his wisdom on when to buy and sell

Bitcoin soothsayer Bobby Lee has given his top tips for when to buy and sell the excitingly volatile cryptocurrency.

@Bobbyclee tweeted on Saturday his own personal wisdom on ‘When to buy #Bitcoin?’ with three reasons to buy:

  • If you understand that it’s #revolutionary as new #SoundMoney
  • If you don’t own any/don’t own enough
  • Then buy it now regardless of price

Bobby, who co-founded BTC China and created a number of other crypto projects, has tweeted before that he believes Bitcoin is in the ascendancy and will overtake traditional centralised government monetary structures.

Admitting there is a time to sell Bitcoin, Bobby Lee gave two reasons to release the currency, tweeting:

“When to SELL Bitcoin? 1) If you’ve made 20x return or more, 2) then sell SOME to diversify, but NEVER sell it all.”

@Bobbyclee also tweeted he will be appearing at Forbes Asia Forum: Decrypting Blockchain for Business in Singapore later today.

In August this year, Bobby Lee made another forecast on Twitter predicting the world’s largest cryptocurrency would rally against increasing regulation around the world.

He tweeted: “When (Bitcoin) passes the USD $60,000 price level in the coming years, it’ll reach a total circulation value of $1 trillion.”

The market is yet to tally with Bobby Lee’s tweets, but everyone loves a prediction.

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