Crypto Madrid Week is underway in Spain

Spain's capital city is attracting some of the key players in the cryptocurrency space to a series of meetups and events throughout Crypto Madrid Week

You don’t often hear about Spain as being at the forefront of cryptocurrency.

The country hosts few international crypto events and the meetups tend to be a lot smaller and less publicised than in other places.

So, in case you didn’t know, this week is Crypto Madrid Week in Spain. And it’s really rather interesting.

What is Crypto Madrid Week all about?

Crypto Madrid Week takes place in Crypto Plaza, which is noteworthy all on its own. Crypto Plaza is a co-working space, sort of like WeWork, but only for businesses in the cryptocurrency industry. It offers “a decentralised working space” focused on building a community.

Housing several different businesses in the same industry under one roof allows big thinkers and bright minds to network and strike up important conversations freely and easily. Crypto Plaza regularly holds events and meetups as well to invite more people into its community.

This week, it is hosting Crypto Madrid Week, which is a series of events and workshops including the first “Unconference” with international speakers, local businesses, and more than 50 CEOs from Spanish blockchain projects. The event finishes up with a forum limited to 100 guests about the crypto economy this Friday, November 15.

There will be appearances from some key companies in the space including Aechain, BlockMad, Blockstack, Cardano, CryptoBirds, Waves Technology, Bitcoin Gold, CryptoMondays, DeFi, Ethereum Spain, GBA, and the Lightning Network.

I Foro Crypto Economía

The highlight of Crypto Madrid Week will be Friday’s I Foro Crypto Economía. There will be keynotes and discussions on the major topics surrounding the space such as governance, crypto venture capital, blockchain bonds, staking, and financial inclusion. Speakers include representatives from Blockstack, the Lightning Network, Bitcoin Gold, and Crypto Plaza.

Unlike the Malta Blockchain and AI Summit or New York’s Consensus, the emphasis is on small and intimate rather than creating buzz.

It seems as if the Spanish blockchain scene is more about building a sense of community and less about the hype. For anyone interested in cryptocurrency or to find out more about the scene in Spain, check out #cryptomadridweek on Twitter or visit the event’s page here.

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