Crypto news services in China appear unavailable

The crackdown of cryptocurrency in China strengthens with several crypto news sites suspending services

News sites such as ChainNews – one of China’s largest crypto information sites – and Odaily, a crypto and blockchain outlet, have become inaccessible following the nation’s ban on cryptocurrency.

The clampdown on cryptocurrency in China has spread to news outlets being rendered unable to publish content.

ChainNews tweeted on Monday that maintenance would cause the site to go dark for eight to 10 hours and has now continued reporting news on Twitter as well as the community app, Telegram, despite the fact that both Twitter and Telegram are banned in China.

The official site Odaily has continued to be inaccessible to Thursday and is now publishing news on an alternative website called

Telegram has seen a sharp increase of users migrate from WeChat, a Chinese instant messaging app, according to an anonymous source from a major cryptocurrency news site who said political sensitivity forced them to censor their own content.

This isn’t surprising news in China as, following the crackdown on Bitcoin mining and trading, cryptocurrency website Bishijie was forced to shut down its app and site after admitting it had violated central bank regulations.

Crypto exchanges were also affected by China’s move to ban cryptocurrency with Huobi Global – one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges – was forced to cease operations in China and close all user accounts.

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