Crypto War: Middle Age set to launch on IOST mainnet in June

IOST will launch blockchain game Crypto War: Middle Age on its mainnet in June 2019

Blockchain company IOST has announced it intends to launch a new blockchain-based game called ‘Crypto War: Middle Age’ on its mainnet in June 2019, according to a Medium blog post.

Crypto War: Middle Age is a simulation game built on the blockchain where players are able to develop their land and assets, form alliances, and fight one another for power and territory.

There are more than a dozen systems built into the game such as construction, scientific research, and hero training.

Players can build castles and befriend other players to forge alliances in a bid to accelerate construction and defend against enemies.

Crypto War: Middle Age is a decentralised application (dApp) without its own token. Users on the public chain can purchase items using IOST tokens, and the game will not accept fiat payments. All tokens spent by players enter a prize pool for players to win.

The announcement states: “CW (Crypto War) guarantees that nearly all tokens spent by players will circulate in the game and players are able to withdraw tokens acquired in the game.

“This design has completely changed the transparency problem of decentralised traditional games. The time and tokens invested by players in the game will give players certain advantages when the dividend pool is handed out.”

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