CryptoCompare & MJAC Blockchain Summit review

Over 1,000 investors, tech enthusiasts and experts attended the CryptoCompare & MJAC Blockchain Summit, which took place in London earlier this month.

One of the key issues many of the speakers touched on was the need for regulation in the industry. Other hot topics included how to value cryptoassets, the revolutionary potential of blockchain – especially in developing countries – and cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream.

NKB CIO Edward Fricker commented: “The crypto derivatives market will soon be much larger than the crypto market itself.” Whilst Circle Legal and Business Affairs Director Claire Wells spoke of the tokenisation of everything, saying that, “to be adopted by mass society, tokenised assets need to be denominated in fiat money.”

IT being a male-dominated industry, UK Coinbase CEO Zeeshan Feroz’ words were spot on. “I think there’s a real opportunity because this industry’s so young, for us to have a different balance compared to traditional finance. The first employee resource group we launched was ‘women in crypto’, and our activities range from speaking at meet-ups to events targeted at women.”

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