Cryptocurrency Predictions Report puts faith in TRON

TRON is set to experience the greatest growth out of the top cryptocurrency coins by the end of month, rising 207% to US$0.120 (£0.091) by 1st August. That’s according to price comparison site’s Cryptocurrency Predictions Survey.

Cardano is expected to have the second greatest positive price growth during this period (85%), followed by Dogecoin (32%). Bitcoin is on course to hit US$7,247 (£5,488), an increase of 18%, slightly more optimistic than the June prediction of 13. Despite this, it is expected to half in value by the end of the year to US $15,372 (£11,640), due to uncertain regulations, high-profile hacks and buyer indecision.

Comparing the forecast market capitalisations for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum – the only three of the 13 coins with reported number of coins available – the former is predicted to see the highest growth by the end of the year (155%). This is followed by Ethereum, with a 112% increase, and Bitcoin Cash, with an increase of 97%.

“Although the European Parliament’s positive research on cryptocurrencies has given Bitcoin’s value a boost, the end-of-year prediction for Bitcoin remains half of what it was in January. At £11,640, our panellists aren’t expecting Bitcoin to see the same rally it had at the end of last year,” says Jon Ostler, UK CEO at

“Instead, with TRON’s mainnet recently launched, our panellists have shown a lot of faith by predicting it to rise higher than any of the other top coins. This could be a coin to watch if it manages to keep momentum up. Despite these forecasts, and the recent praise of cryptocurrency, it’s important for potential crypto purchasers to do their own research and be aware of the risks when investing in any currency as increases are by no means guaranteed. When in doubt, seek help from a professional advisor in order to better understand the risks before purchasing.”

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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