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CryptoKaiju announces launch of blockchain-backed CryptoKitty toys

CryptoKaiju is set to release the third iteration of its popular NFT toys, this time based on the smash-hit CryptoKitties game

CryptoKaiju – a UK-based blockchain start-up – is set to release the third iteration of its popular NFT toys, this time based on the smash-hit CryptoKitties game.

According to a press release shared with Coin Rivet, the 7.5″ toys have been produced under Dapper Labs’ – who created CryptoKitties – Nifty license, which was created to encourage collaboration within the crypto-collectibles space.

The toys will be the first commercially available CryptoKitty figures.

CryptoKaiju was created by BlockRocket, a blockchain consultancy who specialise in the crypto collectibles market.

In particular, the company focuses on providing ways to enhance authenticity and provenance within the designer toy market by utilising blockchain technology.

Since the company’s launch, it has already shipped out two batches of toys – the first being the ‘Genesis’ set in November 2018 and the second being the ‘Jaiantokoin’ set in March 2019.

Similarly to the previous two sets, the third iteration of toys will boast tamper-resistant near field communication (NFC) labels attached to the base of the toys.

The NFC labels contain unique serial numbers which help identify the true owner alongside authenticating the toys. The serial numbers will also be present on the accompanying non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This way, the physical and digital versions of the toys will be linked to improve provenance, scarcity, and authenticity.

CryptoKaiju’s NFTs also contain metadata describing unique aspects of each collectible, such as its birth date, gender, colour, a description, and two personality traits.

The unique aspects and personality traits help classify each toy as digitally unique. The latest batch of toys is also linked directly to CryptoKitties, meaning each toy is backed by a digital Kitty 1:1.

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