Cryptowatch desktop releases depth chart and command bar

Cryptowatch has released a series of updates including the highly-requested depth chart as well as improved theme customisation

Cryptocurrency data and trading portal, Cryptowatch Desktop, has released its third major update, with a new depth chart module and improved command bar improving its existing functionality.

According to a blog post, the update also allows users to fine tune their analytical experience hotkey functionality.

Cryptowatch launched its desktop product in October following an increase in popularity of its web-based platform.

It feeds data from the APIs of all the top cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing users to toggle between candle charts, tick charts, order books and now depth charts.

There are also plans in place to extend Cryptowatch’s offering, with improved charting tools that will let users map out technical analysis, as well as the “much-requested feature” of trading across all major exchanges.

Customisation of the platform has also seen a major improvement with a new feature that enables users to switch between dynamic themes ranging from classic “Wall Street” to the more familiar colours of Kraken’s exchange.

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