Dash cryptocurrency continues to thrive despite its ranking

Dash cryptocurrency is alive and kicking and is hosting its first-ever community-organised event in Zurich and Munich in September

You don’t hear all that much about Dash cryptocurrency these days.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum grab the headlines and other younger, sexier blockchains clamour for attention, Dash often flies under the radar.

Despite this, it’s made astounding progress since its beginnings in 2014, and it now claims to be the leading payments and e-commerce digital currency – and it’s faster and less volatile than Bitcoin.

What’s new with Dash?

Dash is one of the top cryptocurrencies in countries with economic crises and hyperinflation like Venezuela and Nigeria. Focusing on the user experience and making instant payments possible without having to wait for block confirmations, Dash aims to provide a real-world method of payment and lifeline in places where the national fiat currency devalues by the second.

It’s not just developing countries that are benefiting from Dash cryptocurrency though. Dash is now accepted at thousands of merchants and ATMs around the globe and is tradable on more than 90 exchanges. Dash provides instant, global digital money with no chargebacks for merchants and no waiting around for confirmations for users.

So, why is it that Dash is still languishing in 15th place in the CoinMarketCap rankings? Why aren’t more people using its super-fast, secure technology?

While other blockchain projects are busy creating hype, Dash has been building. It now boasts a team of over 60 tech professionals and a unique form of governance as a successful working DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation).

Dash is setting up partnerships and building out its infrastructure for real-world use and will soon be sharing its latest plans and developments at its first Dash Convention Europe.

The Dash Convention Europe

Announced last week, the Dash Convention Europe will showcase the cryptocurrency’s growing ecosystem around the world, uniting Dash enthusiasts, users, and interested parties on September 28-30 in Zurich, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. This will be Dash’s first convention held in this continent and is a community-organised event.

Just as you would expect from any such event, the Dash conference will feature presentations, panels, and keynotes, and will provide updates from some of the major groups that work under the Dash DAO. There will also be appearances from some of the cryptocurrency’s key partners and supporting companies.

The idea behind the event is to draw more people’s attention to the progress Dash is making globally “from Venezuela to Nigeria to Austria”.

The significance of the event at this time

Coin Rivet spoke to the Director of Public Outreach for Dash Force Joël Valenzuela and asked him the significance of such an event. He said:

“I think this event will be a bit of an eye-opener for the rest of the cryptocurrency community. Not only is the Dash ecosystem thriving to the point of a major conference being necessary, but this was all done without the initiative of Dash Core Group, the largest entity under the Dash DAO. Dash has significant adoption, growth, and real-world application, and I’m looking forward to having that showcased to the greater public.”

CEO of Bitalo and Dash Convention Europe organiser Fabio Bossi also claimed that the event was crucial to showcasing the progress Dash has been making over the last several years – pulling back the curtain on the dark horse of the cryptocurrency industry. He enthused:

“The idea to organise a Dash convention was born in a community chat, and with so much exciting news and projects going on in the Dash ecosystem, we wanted to get the Dash DAO to crypto-friendly Switzerland. Speaking as CEO of Bitalo AG, a recently launched German P2P crypto-broker that manages everything on-chain, Dash with instantly settled and super cheap on-chain transactions is a perfect match for our business model, and we believe strongly in supporting its future.”

A few more details besides

Unlike your standard cryptocurrency conference, the Dash Convention Europe will be held in two different cities – Zurich and Munich. The idea behind this is to unite Dash investors with community proposals and initiatives in crypto-friendly Switzerland and close the landmark event with another industry-first finale – Oktoberfest.

“We managed to get a 50-seat reservation for Oktoberfest in Munich, which is almost impossible,” explained Bossi.

“We’re looking forward to celebrating ‘Dashtoberfest’ with Dash Core Group members, Dash funded organisations, business partners, and friends of Dash.”

Jan Heinrich Meyer, CEO and founder of the Dash Embassy D-A-CH and co-organiser of the convention, said that the event represented the strength of the Dash decentralised community:

“With the Dash Convention, we hope to provide a platform for the whole global Dash community, and also offer a good introduction for Dash newcomers. However, what I find most exciting about this concept is that everyone in the community can contribute and take part in shaping it. The Dash Convention is an event by the community, for the community. I am really excited to see what kinds of partnerships and innovations are forged at the convention.”

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