David Wilde joins DADI as governments face ‘historic’ digital transformation

He says DADI is a “highly credible” tech firm with “ground-breaking” ideas

The former Chief of Information for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK, David Wilde, has joined British startup Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet (DADI). He will focus on driving the venture’s relations with local and central governments in the UK and around the world.

A real opportunity for governments

DADI claims to offer a “real opportunity for public sector organisations”. It’s network “can leverage spare capacity within equipment already in use in government offices, enabling highly cost-effective (or even cost-neutral) provision of digital services for communities on a local and national scale”.

Wilde has held various leadership roles for councils, including Essex, Westminster City and Waltham Forest. DADI also believes Wilde’s expertise in the practical applications of new technologies in government will help it provide “value and actionable insight to leaders, unlocking the potential of decentralised networks and web services in a governmental setting”.

Power of the Internet back to the people

Joseph Denne, Founder and CEO of DADI, says the inspiration behind his firm involves the “community at its heart, aiming to return the power of the internet to the public”.

He says that “blockchain presents a huge opportunity (for governments reaching digital maturity) to radically improve infrastructure, reduce costs and keep pace with citizens’ expectations when it comes to service provision”.

Historic transformation

Wilde states that “globally, governments are undergoing digital transformation on a historic scale. As the fourth industrial revolution continues to accelerate that transition, we expect the public sector will increasingly engage with proven, disruptive technologies like DADI’s network – both organically as part of the ongoing digital transformation, and as a means of future-proofing digital infrastructure and citizen services”.

He believes DADI is a “highly credible” tech firm with “ground-breaking” ideas, which is why “I look forward to helping bring that level of purpose-driven innovation to the public sector”.

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