DC Comics to enter NFT world

The comic book publisher will reward fans who register for DC's FanDome event with free NFT's

DC Comics has partnered with Palm NFT Studio to create a new line of free NFTs consisting of the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and Harley Quinn.

While users who register for the DC FanDome 2021 streaming event on October 16 will receive a free NFT, a second free NFT can be unlocked should users promote the event through social media.

Each comic book cover will be available in three rarity levels.

The first batch of NFTs will drop on October 5 and DC has suggested the NFT release may be one of the biggest NFT drops ever. A total of 22 million people tuned into the 2020 FanDome as well as millions of NFTs will potentially drop in just a few weeks.

The environmentally conscious approach and creativity of Palm NFT Studio led DC to partner with them, according to Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee.

Lee spoke on the challenge of connecting the traditional DC covers into a new virtual experience.

“We spent a lot of time on how to translate and adapt these classic covers into a 21st century format such as NFTs,” Lee explained.

“This drop pays homage to our 87 year history while visualising a future in which NFTs play a foundational role in novel ways of interacting with DC content and unlocking new experiences.”

We’ve already seen Marvel characters like Deadpool be introduced in the NFT sphere.

Palm NFT Studio potential

DC NFTs are minted on the Palm blockchain – a token-powered ecosystem for NFTs. It’s connected to Ethereum and features low gas fees and faster transactional processing.

These pro- environmental features from Palm make future NFT drops between them and DC all the more likely.

Straith Schreder, executive creative director for Palm NFT Studio, said it’s a long haul project for them with DC.

“This is a long term partnership with DC with the goal of exploring how NFTs can shape the future of community-driven storytelling.”

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