Nodebrick adopts Dai stablecoin for its gaming ecosystem

Nodebrick – a South Korean game development studio – has announced that it will be adopting the Dai stablecoin for use in its gaming ecosystem.

Nodebrick’s collaboration with MakerDAO – the creators of the Dai stablecoin – will see Dai utilised within the studio’s flagship game Infinity Star.

In a Medium blog post, the South Korean studio states it has adopted Dai because of its integration with the popular peer-to-peer OpenSea marketplace. Another reason behind the collaboration lies in the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

“With volatility having multiple unintended consequences for users, it is more beneficial to have a stablecoin address these quirks and limitations while providing a lot of value to the Infinity Star community,” writes Nodebrick.

The Nodebrick team is also contemplating the possibility of using Dai as a payment option for some of its seasonal item sales.

The studio believes that using Dai for its ecosystem will help introduce new audiences to both cryptocurrency and blockchain games through various different types of integrations.

“We always believe that strategic and meaningful partnerships is the key to bringing in more value to the community and to our users,” says Nodebrick CEO Huey Shin.

“The partnerships we undertake realise these beliefs across how we are building Infinity Star. We couldn’t be more excited to have MakerDAO in our corner.”

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