Red Fern Valley blockchain game rewards players with crypto

New blockchain-based horror game Red Fern Valley features a rewards system where players can earn cryptocurrency for solving 13 puzzles.

The game was developed by SpacePirate Games – the team behind the highly anticipated blockchain games Age of Rust and Hack and Hash.

Red Fern Valley is described as a casual blockchain puzzle game in the horror genre. The player receives a mysterious note from their uncle informing them that an Ether token has been hidden in the family cabin.

Upon arriving at the cabin, not all is as it seems. The player must then utilise their puzzle-solving skills to find clues and decipher the 13 puzzles in the game.

Solving the 13 puzzles will grant the player one Ether token for their hard work. The game is free to play.

SpacePirate Games states that the decision to make the game free was to promote blockchain games and crypto puzzles that offer rewards upon completion.

“We believe in blockchain games and adventure games, and we support Enjin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other blockchains that promote decentralisation and privacy. We’re also using the game to bring awareness to Age of Rust, a larger upcoming blockchain game,” writes SpacePirate Games.

As an added bonus, if the player owns an Age of Rust token when they complete the 13 puzzles, they will also receive an additional 4,000 Enjin Coins (ENJ).

At the time of writing, only the first chapter is available to play. There are currently no details regarding when the next chapter will be released.

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