Theta Network partners with decentralised streaming site DLive

The prestigious Theta Labs project has partnered with decentralised blockchain streaming service DLive to bring video streaming to more than five million users.

Theta Network is a blockchain video infrastructure protocol and it will work with the DLive platform to enable peer-to-peer video relaying of all video content while issuing token rewards to customers.

DLive, meanwhile, boasts an impressive audience of five million users despite launching earlier this year. Top gaming streamers like PewDiePie have used and advertised the platform, increasing the audience on a mass-scale.

“We’re thrilled to welcome all of DLive’s 5 million users to the Theta ecosystem and bring decentralized video streaming to a mass audience,” said Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu.  “This partnership marks a major milestone for the Theta Network, making us one of the most widely utilised and adopted blockchain technologies of any industry. The DLive team shares our long-term vision to transform the media and entertainment industries through decentralised technologies, we’re looking forward to a great partnership.”

The CEO of DLive’s parent company, Lino, also revealed his delight at the partnership. He claims that by adding the Theta Network to its video infrastructure, it can reduce costs by “50% or more”.

He added:” This is how we can grow from 5 million to 50 million monthly users, and we’re excited to explore long-term strategic opportunities between Lino and Theta.”

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