Decentralised music streaming service launches public beta 

Musicians are getting behind a new blockchain-based streaming service that puts power back in their hands

Decentralised audio streaming platform Audius – which is being backed by a number of high-profile music artists – has now launched its public beta.

The platform aims to connect artists with fans, allowing them to share and discover content quickly and easily. Artists are given the opportunity to share their music as they choose, without the pressure of corporate influence. The platform is censorship-resistant and community-controlled.

A number of famous names are backing the project, having already signed on as advisory board members and early adopters. Some of these names include:

  • Deadmau5
  • Zeds Dead
  • Stafford Brothers
  • Brownies & Lemonade


These artist-advisors, along with other carefully selected artists, have taken part in the private beta and have insured the platform is adequately addressing the most pressing needs within the industry.

Joel Zimmerman, known professionally as Deadmau5, said: “I’m thrilled to join this team. Audius’ dedication to empowering artists through supporting direct relationships with fans, censorship resistance, and fair pay is so important in a time when artists are being mistreated regularly.”

Audius is controlled by a decentralised community of independent artists, fans, and developers with a common cause: to free the world’s music. With Audius, artists can directly distribute and monetise their work, and fans can discover and share new music on the blockchain. The service currently has a combined monthly audience of 10 million people.

Roneil Rumburg, CEO of Audius, said: “We built Audius to put artists in control of their content, listener data, and relationships with fans. We are passionate about using technology to unleash creativity and disrupt the status quo. Judging by the thousands of people ready to join our platform today, the time to do so is now.”

Read this article to find out more about the role of blockchain technology in the music industry.

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