Deutsche Börse signs deal to streamline digital securities transfer

The German stock exchange has signed a deal to proliferate digital securities purchases and transfers from institutional clients

Frankfurt’s Deutsche Börse stock exchange has signed a partnership with local fintech company Cashlink to allow institutional investors to purchase digital securities.

According to a press release, investors on the Deutsche Börse Venture Network (DBVN) will be able to purchase and transfer digital assets using tools designed with distributed ledger technology.

It will be different to the Stuttgart Börse, which has traded digital assets since early this year, in that the securities offered will automatically have the same regulation guarantee as the exchange’s existing listings.

DBVN director Peter Fricke said: “With this new offering from our partner, we are able to simplify the process of raising capital for start-ups on our network, and all within an existing regulatory framework.”

This is another bold step into the blockchain space by Germany following Commerzbank’s trial of tokenised securities settlements last week.

The CEO of Cashlink, Michael Duttlinger, added: “Digital securities are used for various purposes, for example as an alternative to regular venture financing, as digital employee shares ownership, as a digital representation of venture funds, or for funding for non-European investors.”

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