‘Diamond hands’ BAYC collector makes $1.5m profit in one sale

The $1.5m 'Terminator Ape' Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT is part of the extremely desirable 'Thematic Ape' sub-collection

A savvy NFT collector has recorded an incredible $1.5m profit in a single sale from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection.

The sale – which was made today – netted the trader an extraordinary 420 ETH ($1.5m) in profits after they held the incredibly rare ‘Terminator Ape’ for approximately five months since the May 1 mint of the collection.

The seller – popular developer and researcher Blockpointlabs – originally bought the ‘Terminator Ape‘ for five ETH ($14,750 at the time) and ‘diamond-handed’ throughout the incredible run that the BAYC collection has seen in recent months.

One of the most sought-after trait combinations in the collection, the ‘Terminator Ape’ is a combination of the ‘Robot Fur’ and ‘Cyborg Eyes’ traits.

The seller still holds another 12 BAYC apes with some other incredible desirable traits, including a ‘Trippy Fur‘ ape – which have a 229 ETH ($850k) price floor – and two Zombie apes.

It’s one of only five apes from the 10,000-strong collection with this combination of traits, leading many in the NFT community to agree that the ape justifies its high price tag due to its status as a ‘thematic ape’.

The popularity of ‘Thematic apes‘ in the collection has led to an emerging secondary market for those seeking an ape with a certain thematic like a ‘Party‘ ape or the ‘Stuntman‘.

Many in the NFT community say that the thematic apes act like “they are already a made character” and bring an instant appeal and allure to owners that NFT collectors instantly want to own.

The most popular ‘thematic’ ape in the NFT community is Jenkins The Valet – An ‘Valet’ themed ape that is now represented by talent agency Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to help “tell his stories on a larger stage”.

The sale marks the incredible demand for the collection, which has recently been spurred on by its announcement of a utility token in Q1 2022 and the collections moment in the spotlight at a recent Christie’s auction. 

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