DigiByte Global Summit to take place tomorrow in Amsterdam

The DigiByte Global Summit takes place on Friday April 19 in Amsterdam where the project's top brass will discuss the future of the cryptocurrency with the wider community

On Friday April 19 I will be attending the DigiByte Global Summit in Amsterdam. My colleague, Darren Parkin, previously attended the DigiByte Summit in London and revealed in March that the conference will be partnered by Californian firm Block 30 Labs. He came back with an extremely positive outlook, so this event is something I am very much looking forward to.

My knowledge on DigiByte is admittedly limited. However, this may stand me in good stead as I go into the summit ready to learn and absorb the information they will provide and see how the project is evolving. One thing I do know for certain is that DigiByte has a passionate community judging by their behavior on Twitter!

The DigiByte Global Summit

The DigiByte Global Summit in Amsterdam will bring together the community and the leaders of the cryptocurrency. Beginning at 2pm, there will be presentations by founder Jared Tate, CEO of Block 30 Labs Brian Foote, and the founders of V-ID Pim Voets and Marnix van den Berg.

According to DigiByte: “Decentralisation, at its very core, is about empowering individuals and reshaping society; it is about offering solutions to protect people and businesses against digital fraud using a network that everyone can fairly contribute to, so it remains distributed and decentralised without the need for any trusted third party, and building a digital economy that serves users’ purposes and facilitates transactions worldwide with a high level of security. These new platforms are developed by users just like everyone else, who have the technology expertise to create a new system.”

Stefania Barbaglio, official PR representative for DigiByte and organiser of the summit, commented: “It is very inspiring to see these great minds coming together and sharing their plans and projects with us. Jared started DigiByte with the mission to fix most of the cyber security vulnerabilities the internet is facing today by using blockchain technology.

“DigiByte is now a social project that has the potential to change society and its economy. It has grown stronger over the last few years, and while many other blockchains and cryptocurrencies tried to ride the hype, DGB were working hard, paving the way for more innovative ventures to arise.

“As Jared always says, DigiByte is a family who share the same values, positive energy, and enthusiasm in developing projects that can change the world for the better.”

The conference ends with a boat trip along the scenic canals in Amsterdam, allowing for further discussions of ideas and the chance to network.

Check out Coin Rivet next week for all the latest news, updates, and gossip from the conference.

The DigiByte Global Summit takes place on Friday April 19 at De Balie, Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10, 1017 RR, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Tickets can be purchased here:


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