DigiByte talks implementation into Dandelion

“Dandelion represents a major shift of DigiByte moving to protect the privacy and security of users around the world”

DigiByte developers have been liaising with the creators of Dandelion and are looking at including this in to future versions of DigiByte Core.

In a Medium post, DigiByte’s Josiah Spackman explains: “Dandelion helps to protect your physical privacy by making it significantly harder to identify where your transaction came from. This prevents people from using the IP address that a transaction came from to attempt to locate you. Dandelion does not make transactions private in the way that RingCT (Monero)or zkSNARKs (ZCash) would, however it does help DigiByte take a major step forward towards protecting the privacy and security of our users.”

The DigiByte block timing will remain at 15 seconds, he insists.

There is currently no ETA on the implementation going mainstream, he adds. “We have, however, been testing builds and are currently working on the DigiByte “mainnet”, based on the latest 6.17.2 release of DigiByte Core,” Spackman comments.

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